Justin Bieber`s Vanilla Ice Cream Car On Sale Now

Memorabieberia. Bieber`s car line hit stores this Friday globally and sales are expected to skyrocket as fans get their license. The car, made by Volkswagen, is a re modified VW Beetle with parent tracking control and Bieber`s back seat stereo & parking lot gettoblaster.

The google self driving technology is safely installed to avoid teen accidents and it comes with an unlimited condom dispenser to avoid teen pregnancies.

BMW confirm that they where offered to manufacture the new automobile, but passed as it would hurt both sales and image. Mercedes-Benz deny that they where ever contacted, so do every Japanse car factory.

But the South Korean car industry tried very hard to get Bieber having seen the tremendous success of PSY. -We`d do anything to get into that dumb market. Anything, including something dumb. We make it back in repair.

Photo M 93