Shoot For The Moon. If You Miss, At Least You Land Among The Aliens.

Earth safari. -I`d much rather be remembered for finding intelligent life in space than being the 25th guy on the moon says space freak student Agondo.

-Can you believe how much it must suck not being allowed to walk when your there? Out of the 24 who did the trip, half stayed on the ship.

-Your either so lazy your not even aware your on a space shuttle or your so arrogant you tell NASA after you landed "No, I`m not going" to get the last word in some argument.

-That would be the point to renew the contract. When you have an employer who demands you to go to the moon... and you go there... there`s not much leverage for negotiation. It`s a win loose situation. Unless they let you stay in space.

-I woud probably prefer space to admit loosing a deal from that advantage point. It would overshadow the trip.

Photo keithbsmiley