Russia's Counterintelligence Caught Agent Sneaking In The Bushes

Operation partytime. The U.S. tourist had equipment to change his appearance when FSB captured him.

In addition to the masks, wigs and Shrek costume, he also had numerous condoms and a list with names of Russian women he had meet while studying in Bali.

FSB claims he tried to recruit women within the Russian territory. They all had masters degrees and worked in paid jobs. FSB has recently catched several US spies trying to make American babies in Moscow.

-They look for beautiful women who can afford to bring up the baby by themselves. We see the men run away time after time. Some wait until after wedding, to secure the birth. Some leave after 6 months, says FSB spokesghost.

FSB confirms that several names on the list was ticked off and that some of the rubber is missing, but they have to investigate further since the numbers didn`t match. -We need to separate those who let him inn from those who slammed the door in his face to avoid bringing up the enemy from within.

Photo Anonymous9000