Poet Wrote So Deep Reader In Submarine Went "That`s Deep"

Mind opener. The crew on submarine 5 all agree that the poem Waterfly by Henry Baskin is the deepest poem ever written.

-I don`t know if it was the dept of the sub that made me see the clarity in the words or if it was the lack of other things to focus on, but it certainly changed my view on what a 5 years old can do with a computer, says Icenhower.

-This completely changed my life. When I returned to the surface I was a changed man. That poem brought me back to life. As if I had been lost in a black hole and found they way out. It made me realise the sun is for everyone and that it shines on those who let it shine on them. That`s how deep it was. It`s f*#king unbelievable.

-I`m afraid to think of what would have happened if I hadn`t read that poem. I might have wasted my entire life in pitch darkness not realising it was a self made trap. No matter how impressing.

Photo Prinz.W(ZH)