Millions Out Of Prison As France Legalise Same-Sex Marriage

Mano a mano. Busloads of gays where dumped all over the country after the President signed the bill.

-This is a great day for gay bars, says Lesbiana. It`s a great day for the economy. With no kids to worry about we can spend our way out of the financial shithole we`re in and take the heterosexuals with us. I think the President understand we`re not here to pass on life, but live it to the max.

Some would argue only the French could release the power of gay to solve their economic problems. But if you look at countries who stayed clear from the meltdown, they all had tons of gays.

-It`s why we wasn`t hit my the recession, says Australia`s prime minister. We had 4 million homosexuals shopping around the country. They kept our economy going. Money can`t buy love like that, but love can.

 Photo Guillaume Cattiaux