Eurovision Fart Contest

Fartzone. Who can make the biggest stinker? Thats the question everybody ask. Each nation sends their top farter which is selected through a national fart competition.

The final is in the indoor arena The Trap and you would think you couldn`t smell the difference between the performers, but you can. The place got gas condition.

In the previous couple of years a fresh take on the odour has produced crowd pleasers who didn`t knock out the audience. Last years winner was even a silent no stinker.

-If they faint they can`t vote. That was the problem, voters fainted, losers won and people lost interest, but not this year, it will stink, for sure, but it won`t knock you out, says the Swedish fart promoter.

-You have to pay extra for that. We have fartenders who shit in your face for a €1.20.

-We have a tight line up of stinkers who will bomb on stage without making an impact. You can watch shit after shit... you can watch endless amounts of this crap and it won`t mean shit to you. It`s the only shit that`s is so full of shit it doesn`t mean shit anymore - not even as shit.

Map Wikimedia commons