First Plane Crashes, Then Bombs, Now Knifes - What`s Next, Cucumber?

The assault weapon, a semi-automatic cucumber.
Weapons of comic destruction. A European citizen was slammed down by an Al Qaeda farmer in the middle of Paris. Luckily the French Police responded quickly enough for the agricultural terrorist to cause any harm.

-It takes a long time to kill somebody with a cucumber. Suicide farmers know this, thats why there`s so few of them. Their hard to recruit. Brainwashing has it`s limits, says French baker and anti-terrorist expert Franz Champagne.

-They can throw apples... bananas... In the end I think they all realise they can only get so far with fruit. It`s kinda gay and gay terror doesn`t mix well with macho muslims. Not even when they fight the same cause.

-It`s all about how for these people, because they can`t win. It`s how they loose that matters and going down gay is not on their bucket list. Not even close.

Photo ndrwfgg