Street Magician Run Over By Truck

Roadkill. The Police wil not yet confirm if the victim is the world famous street magician David Blaine. -All we can say at this point is that he needs a miracle, says Traffic Police Officer Caryl Ticketson.

Pedestrians saw him perform his routine between the passing cars when the truck slam dunked him to the asphalt.

-We thought it was part of a trick so we ran over and peed on his body. I was expecting a bird to fly out of his butt, but a drop of blood came out. Then he shat himself. We ran away. There's no way I'm having that conversation with 911.

Apparently the street magician was a promising highway magician and his ambition was to become the worlds first space magician. He began practising tricks as a kid in the schoolyard and where quickly run over by bikes.

To get away from the bullies he began practising in the streets. 20 years later he became bored with ordinary traffic and wanted more action. No airport would let him perform on their runway and NASA threatened to bomb him. He signed up for the army, but they wouldn't have any of his magic shit.

After a short stint braking into people's houses and perform in their living room while they where asleep, he turned to highway 69. May God be with him. Let him rest his stupidity in peace.

Photo Long Zheng