Miley Cyrus Shocked Mixed Martial Art Crowd

Headquake. -The singer brought a Lady Gaga lookalike out on stage and beat her up. The audience didn't know how to react, it all got very silent. All we could hear was Cyrus yelling "your my bitch now", says MMA fighter Butch Bull.

-The rest of the event where cancelled. Everybody got their money back and the promoter promised Miley Cyrus will never perform at an MMA show again ever.

-The fighters wasn't mentally prepared for it. They couldn't step into the ring again after seeing Cyrus nearly killing Gaga. They where all in shock.

-Looking back I've learned that growing up with country music is way more powerful than I ever imagined. I listen to it all the time now. If I can get as brutal as Miley Cyrus to shake off that image... I'll be the next champion.

Photo :) Katie