Scientist Makes Breakthrough Discovery: The World Doesn't End, It Stops

Deep break. Eartholog Janus Sunaj has calculated the exact time the sun stops shinning and the weird thing is the world doesn't end, it stops.

-Our solar system will cool down and turn into a giant freezer. Everything in it will stop working until another sun comes along and heats it up again.

-So all those disaster movies are wrong. They have to be remade.

-Another massive discovery I made was that the sun is not a star. This is why I do my research at the Institute of Weirdology, otherwise I would be shut down.

-You see, the temperature in space is not 0 kelvin or absolute zero as we think it is, it's 0 celsius. But we measure it wrongly. The universe is so big taking the temperature in one solar system is like doing it in an atom in the human body.

-Everything work as equal opposites in space. The sun is only a warm atom circling cold space. Which with a bigger thermostat, a much bigger thermostat, would mount up to 0 celsius.

-Suns come and go like fireflies. Every 10 billion years they reproduce themselves like the cells in our bodies. And the ever expanding universe doesn't exist. It's already everywhere. It can expand within itself again, but we'll leave that to next time. There are limits to even how far I can push it.

Photo Zubro