Star Trek Fans Left Out From Star Wars Vs Lord Of The Rings Debate

Fantastic. -It's like we don't even matter anymore, while we're bigger than ever. The latest instalment was a huge hit. I think it's envy, says above average fan.

-Secretly they all wish their universe was as big as ours, but it isn't so their stuck in that little shit on repeat and wont admit it.

-Imagine being a Star Wars fan. It's the same 3 movies every time. Those guys have been fans of the same 6 hours of footage for 30 years while I've been watching new episodes the whole time, with 12 bonus feature films!

-You can't compare it. Which is why they exclude us. We're superior while their both at the 3 movie level. It's all they have room for in their heads. Add work and spouse and you have a disaster. They'r  basically a charity for people who can't deal with real life.

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