God Not Keen On Humans Finding Out It's Intelligent Life In Space

God's play. -I'll much prefer they stay in the dark, but NASA... God damn. I've never approved any of that.

-When space exploration first became an issue, I thought, well, they'll never figure it out. But I underestimated the creatures on earth again.

-The dinosaurs found out.

-They kept bugging me. Why? Why? Why did you create us like this? So I threw an astroid at them. Even Gods needs practise.

-Earth was a long time ago. It was an emergency course. Every God must know how to create a planet in 7 days in case the universe collapse.

-I'm amazed it's is still around. We do these space aid courses all the time. We have to to keep our license, but we do them in the outspace. Nobody expect them to survive...

Photo newmessagefromgod