Anthony Hopkins Worried When Fans Insist Hannibal Is A Biopic

Hannibal Lecture. -In situations like that I prefer to have a 200 pound gorilla bodyguard nearby. If not I smile and smile and smile until there's an opportunity to get away, says Anthony.

-Like my phone ringing, "sorry, I keep it on vibrator, got to take this one, it's the President, yes, off course (hangs up). Sorry, got to go".

-If there's kids I just punch them and if the parents aren't there I eat them. I eat a lot of journalists and kids.

-I don't see news reporters as humans anymore and the kids haven't become humans yet so I feel no guilt. Especially not if I'm hungry.

-You see I could never be in the Hunger Game. I would have eaten everybody. Same with Peru, I can't go there. I'll eat everyone. The only places I can go on holiday is the Amazon jungle. There I can eat my indians in peace. Those tribes are delicious, no additives.

-Whoever suggests Hannibal is a biopic is way of the charts, thats only the beginning. Eat In Peace would be a better tittle, but that film hasn't been made yet. Watch out for that smile, I might eat you next.

Photo gdcgraphics