Assad Has The World's Biggest Collection Of Hitler Fetish Memorabilia

-This is my favourite peace. I wish Hitler
could have seen it. He would have been
so proud of me.
That Was The War That Was. Robert Mugabe is also know to have a huge collection, so was Stalin, but no-one proceeds Bashar al-Assads two thousand peace WW2 museum. Also known as the Presidential Palace of Syria.

The gas chamber or guest room is where foreign states of head spend the night before meeting the President. It makes them more willing to negotiate according to Assad. But guests aren't allowed into the Hitler room, or the master bedroom as he calls it.

Only "Eva Braun" is allowed in there. -I don't call my wife that in public, but yes, that's her pet name. Journalists know they'll be killed if they use it. Sometimes it slips out of my mouth, I'm too used to bitch her around.

Photo FreedomHouse