Celebrity Doesn't Mind Surveillance If People Are Watching

National Attention Agency. -I've come to the conclusion if NSA listening in on my life helps me stay famous and saves us from terrorists - great, says famous Hollywood face.

-I've come to learn that people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder share the same opinion. In my belief thats close to 99 % of the globe's population. So bring it on, but they got to pay. We got enough piracy as it is.

-NSA is basically ruining our business. No ticket sale, no surveillance. They could at least get a subscription. "Subscribe to my life, only 10.99 a month, you get everything, emails, phone calls, surveillance camera, web log, text messages".

-My life is copyrighted. It's a federal offence to redistribute and showcase it without my permission. Pay or I'll shove FBI up your ass.

Photo Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer