Bootleg Version Of The New Star Wars Movie Released In China

Empire shits back. Since Episode 7 hasn't been made yet, the copycats couldn't sneak into a theatre with a video camera as usual. -We had do make the damn thing, says Han.

-We're not waiting for the premiere in 2015. The paying models is getting better and we have to keep our competitive edge.

-We put out a new Superman movie last years. Not even Warner Brothers knew they where making one. So we told them, well now you have to.

-See, it works out for everyone. Man of Steel was a bigger hit than any of their own attempts. If we hadn't pushed them...

-Honestly, I don't understand why people see them. Their so predictable. We're usually 80% right when we make these pre-guesses. I'm in the bootleg industry and even I think this is boring.

Photo kennymatic