Justin Bever: -I was a sodaholic

Talks about his drinking problem. -My manager and him though it would be good for sales that I had an addiction, so he came up with soda pop. I`m a little too young for alcohol, but that didn`t stop me from being wasted. I used to drink 8-10 cans a day before I had to quit cause my pocket money didn`t allow me to. So I called my mum from the candy store and asked her for more money for fizzy drinks and she transferred 50 dollars to my account, but I had an image to maintain, so I yelled YOU F#&@ WHORE before I slammed up on her and told the clerk to call the Police. I filed a report on both my parents for child abuse and made sure plenty of media was around when I said music is therapy for me. I can`t afford a real shrink since my parents drink up everything I earn. Music is my only friend. It`s the only one who`s been there for me.

-Later that evening I kicked the neighbour`s dog and trashed my bedroom. Which is like the stupidest thing I`ve ever done, cause now my neighbours are really mad at me and my parents aren`t there to beat them up or clean up my room. I had to do that myself. I`ve newer touched a soft drink since.

Photo jake.auzzie