Ron Burgundy Stirred Up Quite a Mess At News Actors Guilt Of America

The Madness Continues. By many vote the best worst speech ever, Ron Burgundy certainly delivered the goods at the annual NAGA. Here it is, word by word. Take it away Ron: 

-We all had that moment when a fan stop you on the sidewalk or a fancy restaurant and says "Hey, I’ve seen you". Yeah, I’m a news anchor. 

-"Your that donkey guy". -No I think you mistake me for someone else. "No, your the Donkey guy, oh my god, you f#@* a donkey!". No I didn’t, you’re defenitly mistaking me for someone else. I’m not an animal porn actor.

-"Yes you are, you’re that guy who sneaks up on the donkey and says: Your’re my donkey now, donkey! Then you f#@* the shit out of it. Oh my God".

-Oh, you mean Dolly. I misunderstood. I call her Dolly. I’m a donkey activist. I support their right to free squeeling. I’m the spokesperson of Donkeys of America, but nobody is interested in hearing about it so to raise awereness I did a donkey porno to raise money to liberate donkeys, except the one in the movie. She didn’t want to do it, so we had to put her down. Otherwise this would get weird. 

-People think their just donkeys, but they’re not, their donkeys

Photo Devian Art