There's Some Guys Who Don't Take No For An Answer

Power to the person. -Whenever I loose a discussion I go home and fetch my tank. It's my best card when I'm up against someone who doesn't understand the power of the worse argument, says Dexter.

-You might ask why the h... does guys like me bother to reason? It's to avoid waste of ammo. If I can avoid bloodshed with reasoning, I'll do it.

-For example, I'm in a store asking for the price on fish and the clerk tells me a price I don't like, I try to reason with him before I drive my tank through it.

-For instance, me and the guy on the beach here had different views on who gets his fish. Now that I bring my deal braker he agrees with me.

-There are benefits of having a positive attitude towards life. I don't pay taxes. I don't have to go through airport security. I can lend as much money I want from the bank and never worry about paying it back.

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