Rambo Remakes First Blood In Cairo

The Purple Rose of Riot. The stage is set for the bloodiest remake in the history of motion pictures.

-Rrrr rrr mr mrrr mr rrrr m rrr says Rambo to his press secretary who has given up on trying to understand anything coming out of his mouth.

She kindly slips Rambo a pen and seconds later read his memo "There's 84 million people here. That should be enough for 3 Rambo movies. We're doing a trilogy thing. The first will be called Rambo, the second, Rambo again and the third Rambo again and again".

The director of the film, a current head case at an asylum in Iraq, is handpicked by Rambo himself because he owes him one. -At this stage in the production, we need a guy who understands madness and can keep up with the insanity. We're not really interested in doing this as an art house movie. We're beyond scripts and stuff like that now.

The Hollywood studio backing the movie looks at Rambo 5, 6 & 7 as a no brainer. -There's virtually no production costs. All we have to do is make it in Egypt now and nobody can tell.

Photo SG.hu