Kate Middleton & Prince William Name Their Baby Famous

Royale with Cheese. -It's expected to be the biggest birth since Jesus. It's a blockbuster compared to Beyoncé and the Kardashians. Even with men like Jay-Z and Kayne West in the lineup, says OMG reporter Holly Who.

-Sure, they have they share of fans who'll make an event like this look big, but still, it's nothing close to whats coming. This is the second coming of Christ. Nobody but the British can command world attention and put thousands of planes on the ground to watch a wedding.

-According to NASA, the globe stopped rotating during the ceremony. Crime dropped close to zero world wide. This is as big as it gets. We're talking about the most photographed person ever to walk the earth coming out of her belly.

-By 2130 the population is expected to decline. There simply won't be another time in history with so many people and cameras around as now.

Photo The British Monarchy