Snowden Voted Sexiest Whistleblower By Cosmopolitan

Jaw dropper. -Their usually ugly so our readers doesn't care much, but in the case of Edward Snowden... that guy is hot. He's like a computer model. A hacker turned hunk!

-If all men could turn out like that after a lifetime on the computer.., says Cosmo editor Laura Hash.

-What makes him stand out is his ability to dress. He doesn't look nerdy at all, just underfed, thats so sexy now.

-And he's so sensible. He really care about the American people. He cares so much he whistles for us. Isn't that adorable! It's so sweet.

-Any man who can play like that and have the whole world listening is a hunk pr definition. His tunes have captivated the world for weeks. He's the Justin Bieber of whistleblowing. So if he can't find asylum, there's millions of Cosmo readers who'll give him shelter. I mean, screw NSA. This man is a man!

Photo theguardian