Kenny's Still Laughing At That Joke From 2nd Grade

Still funny after all these tears. -It's been a good ten years now. In the beginning we was afraid he could die, but now we wish he would, says his parents.

-Unfortunately laugher makes him live longer. So whatever could kill him doesn't work.

-Laughter is not the best medicine. A sledgehammer is. Or sometimes a gun, says his neighbour Old Benny. -I would give my life to silence that shithead, but I've already promised myself to the Queen and country, so I got to stick around a little more. You never know with those Nazi's.

Kenny himself has no comment to the situation since he's too busy laughing, but he shares a prepared statement: To whom it may concern, -You must not tell me another joke. If I find it funny I will laugh at that too. They can already hear me at the end of the street. Our house sound like a 24/7 sitcom. If it gets worse the army might storm the neighbourhood and put me to sleep.

However, his parents see light in the tunnel. -He moves out on completing high school. It doesn't matter if he has to start all over again, he's out and he knows it. If he doesn't he'll suffer severe brain damage from an accident.

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