Comey Admit He Was To Hard On Trump

-He asked for total loyalty. I told him to fuck off. That I represent the law and that I will crush him if he as much as spit on the sidewalk, says James Comey, former head of FBI.

-Later in the evening he asked again and I made it clear to him and everyone else at the table, that I would make him squeal like a pig if he tried anything. Then I grabbed the mic from the MC and turned up the speakers so the whole ballroom could hear us:

"Lissen up Donald, you sad fuck, I'm the head of FBI, your a businessman turned politician or should I say, clown turned clown?".

"The reason your elected is your cronies in Russia. There's no way the American people would elect a fraud like you. Everybody knows your full of shit. The White House is not a toilet for fucks sake!"

-Then I had a waitress pour a bottle of beer on his head, before Obama's dog came and shat on his feet.

-I'm telling you, it was worth it!

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