Vladimir Putin Wants France

Okay. World leaders asked themselves what Putins next move is and together they came up with France. -Since we all disagreed, we put the suggestions in a bowl and picked one, says Angelina Jolie.

-Cause nobody will ask Putin. I mean, who wants to look like a buffoon. You don't ask in this job, you tell.

-We figured Putin likes the Eiffel Tower, it's made of steel, it's way macho and the number one phallic symbol in the world.

-Nothing would giggle his nuts more than bashing free love in the streets of Paris. It would get him off like a tornado. I know this sounds harsh, but it's France, we're just gonna give it to him. We're tired of war and we're tired of negging. The French complain abut everything. Putin... take it!

Photo G8 UK