Chocolate From Vietnam May Contain Traces Of Napalm

What goes around comes around. Foreign companies who move their production to Vietnam has to change the warning label. There is no longer a sustainable risk there might be nuts in the chocolate.

-It's a fact, says Head of Abusive Low Wages and Human Suffering For The Benefit Of The Few at the production plant in Vietnam. -One day we make shoes, the next day chocolate, it will be all sorts of shit in it.

-But for those who are allergic to napalm. Like war vets. It's a whole other story. We have covered ourself with changing the warning label from nuts to napalm. Chocolate is bad for you anyway. Some say it's good... depends on the bar.

-In America, Coca Cola contained cocaine 43 years after the Civil War. We're still coping from the Vietnam War. Give us some time. We can do this for 5 more years. At least we're open about it. It's not like we put it there.

picture by Moyan Brenn on Flickr