James Cameron gives up

World theatre. -In a recent interview with Conformity, the director of Avalon, the biggest box office hit in the history of motion pictures, says he`s pulling the plug on his current project.

-After watching all the promo`s for Hiroshima 2, I went, how can I compete with this? I thought we where on to something with 3D and everything, but they got real life!

-We opened in 14604 screens in 106 countries. These people premiered in every fucking media outlet there is and they don`t even have a distributor. How did they do it?

-Nobody cares about Avatar today, it was a one hit wonder, but look at Hiroshima 1, it`s 66 years ago and people still talk about it. Their gonna sell this sequel for at least a hundred years. I mean, look at all the spectacular footage, and this is just the set up...

Photo NASA Earth Observatory