Got 4 years in Bali for braking into call centre and smashing the phones

Speaking of talking. -It`s about time someone stood up to these telemarketing companies. Therefor I send you to four years in Europe with a 500.000 dollar check.

The defendant could not believe his own ears when the judge read the verdict. -And maybe you shouldn't cause we`re just fucking with you, but if there was any justice here you would. We just wanted to give you a moment of zen cause we dig what you do. I mean, you really speak for all off us. Except the call centre, but who cares about them.

Catching the phone destroyer had been challenging investigation. The Police went trough the company `s phone records to see if they found anyone who might want to do such a thing and they found over 400.000 people.

-It took forever to go through all the data, after a while we decided to pick one random. I mean, we have the data, let`s manipulate it, says the police investigator.

-Little did we know the phone company kept track off our illegal activities so in court we settled for Europe with a twist. Officially he goes to jail, but not really, if you know what I mean. Let`s just put it this way. He got 4 years in Bali with a 400.000 dollar anti-ticket.

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