Arnold gets 45 million $ to star in The President

Running for movie. -When Hollywood offered me to play the role I said to myself: what`s the difference?! I might as well show them what their missing out on cause of that stupid law. I came here before I turned 21 anyway, who cares? Do you think I was any smarter at 21? The only thing on my mind was banging women and pumping muscles.

-In the film you see how I handle an attack on the United States. Let me put it this way. I don`t send our troops to clean up. I go after the bad guys myself. We have been discussing shooting it guerilla style and actually go over to the Middle East and finnish the mess for real, but no one is willing to put up the insurance money.

-So right now I`m thinking about filming it myself. Just go there. Kick some ass with my video camera and upload it on youtube.

Photo jurvetson