Fire down bellow. The problem was first discovered when the US fire department closed down their laundry unit. Local laundries all over the country got the job to was the firemen`s dirty clothes, but more and more workers reported back to their bosses -"I`m not touching that, it`s smell like urine!". A specialist from National Hygienics where assigned to investigate the problem and after severe testing she confirmed "It really is urine."

So why is it that firemen pie in their pants at work? It it the hose that unconsciously makes them pie. Yes, say NH specialist. -They can`t help it. Before they could get away with it by blaming it on the fire. The specialist also found out that the firemen preferred to drink water from the firetruck instead of bottled water. One firetruck even had an expresso machine hooked up to the water tank. Another truck hooked up a fire hydrant and opened a coffee shop in the street. The US Fire marshal is reluctant to answer if this has anything to do with the trucks running out of water when their putting out fires.

Photo AMagill