Invisible Mystery Tour

Playback audience. The house was packed with fans two days before the concert, but since there was something more fascinating, more attractive and far more entertaining going on somewhere else when the band came, the promoter taped the audience and played it during the live concert. The band member didn`t seem to mind, actually they where so full of themselves they didn`t notice until the manager told them.

-Being faced with their explosive anger he didn`t have the heart to tell them the whole tour had been this way. -I guess the audience got fed up with being interrupted by the band members constant messaging. They never finished a bloody song. Somewhere along the tour ticket sale just stopped. The audience must have felt they might as well see this shit at home. Why pay big bucks to see big egos tweet? What do they care about their social status?! They want to hear the god damn music!!!!

Photo Robert S. Donovan