The twitter bird spotted in San Francisco Bay Area

Twitterbytes. -This is the real twitter bird, the actual bird that sparked the idea to make twitter and do you know why? Cause it never shuts up! says bird watcher and resident in the San Francisco Bay Area. -It`s been outside my window for weeks now and I`m going mad. I`m telling it it`s okay now. I`ve seen you, please fly away. But it`s so desperate for attention it has forgotten how to fly.

I`ve called the cops but they go "Do you think we`re gonna go there for a bird?" "You don`t know what bird it is. It`s the mother of all birds. I`ts the..." "If you don`t stop calling 911 we`re gonna send a car over, but it want be to pick up the bird, okay". "Mothe@*#".

Photo biggertree