NSA Only Surveil Harry

! When NSA where accused of listening in to every American phone call and email NSA got furious.

-We only tap into Harry in Minnesota. He's been acting up after he meet Sally. He says things like "I love you honey bunny", buys her flowers. It's all very weird, says NSA.

Harry's friend George says he married 19 times during college and it's typical for him to overdo things. -He wouldn't just say I love you on the phone, he has to climb Mount Everest to say it.

-It might look a bit weird on the computer when you hear him say "I love you" from hundreds of tourist attractions around the world and it's only him going, but thats our Harry.

-I personally think NSA are more worried about his brake ups than some mumbo jumbo. Cause Harry doesn't just brake up. He tries to burn down entire cities. If it's a French woman, he will buy petrol and take the first plane to Paris, but he never gets that far.

-He always falls in love with someone else within a few hours and it's the same story all over again. We've all been there... maybe not at the same scale, but you know, thats our Harry.

Photo soapbeard