Multimillionaire Josè Agree Life In Brazil Has Gotten Way Better

-Who needs a Nobel Peace Prize?! Am I right guys? Yeah!
Slumdog Trillionaire. -Before I was only a millionaire, now I`m a multimillionaire. Who knows what the future holds. Maybe I'll top Forbes List one day. The way things change... it looks promising.

-Life is so much better with 41 cars. Compared to 17 it's awesome. I feel so much more mobile now. And being able to fire people without even thinking about replacing them... it's magic. I don't have to pretend to care anymore.

-Something happened when my income reached the sky. I became above earth. I own this shit now. It belongs to me. I stop by my workers and take a piss on them to remind them: I own you guys.

-I did that to my wife too, publicly. She didn't like it. I had to go through 19 replacements before I found one who do. I know she's playing, but I don't tell. It's part of the game. I get such a kick out of it. When she eventually leave I'll say "but I though you liked piss? I`m doing this for you?!".

-Top that.

Photo karindalziel