NSA Admit It Was Too Bold To Spy On Mankind And Not Be Detected

NSA is not comfortable with the kind of attention it give
to others.
Imperial Death Star. The Guardian is making a name for itself when being the first out of 7 billion people to reveal we`re all being spied on. -NSA had it coming. I mean, they knew by the time the journalist typed the story, but they had it coming.

-It`s not like we would discover it if they hadn`t done it or wouldn`t want to be revealed. I find it hard to believe they would sponsor a terrorist attack campaign featuring ads informing the public that the government is listening.

-It wouldn`t have the same impact. It would be rather sad rally. "It`s that all you got? Really, no phones? Wow!" That would backfire. Potential meatheads would take up terror like soccer.

Photo NSA