Writing the book was a labour of hate

Hatechild. -I would never write it unless I had too. Unfortunately it`s more pleasurable writing than spending time in jail. If made more as a stripper I would do that. That`s how motivated I was. I was seriously considering doing the time instead of paying back my depth. I`ve never been as happy as when I finnished this book. Not even when I got divorced and lost custody to the children.

-That the book became a surprise hit makes me hate it even more. Now I got to go on book tours talking about it too. As if I didn`t get enough when I wrote it. And to all the fans who come up and say they love it... sorry can`t help ya. It was just something I had to do to keep the creditors at bay.  It`s always been like this. I`ve never written anything cause I wanted to. I tell you, I got a really tense relationship with my publisher.

Photo Louis Pagan