Air pollution is impossible in North Korea, they can`t afford fuel.

North Choreography. It`s the cleanest cities in the world. There`s no air pollution, no food, soon there`ll be no people too.

-The power shortage is so serious they shut down the traffic lights. What`s the point? Nobody uses them. I can sit here and play packman on the operating system all day long without ever passing level one. There`s not enough cars to eat! says traffic controller Noyamaha.

-It`s the most boring job in the world, says traffic police Carsan. -Statistically it`s a bigger chance of getting hit by a car inside a kindergarden than out here in the streets. In my breaks, I lie down on the road. I don`t even bother going to the sidewalk. There someone might step on me. I rather take the chance of not getting hit by a car.

Foto yeowatzup