How Would You Kill Jesus Today?

Nailed it. -You mean the guy walking around in sheets like he's Hare Krishna? He gotta be crazy. I'd pop a cap in his head, says ghettonigger ZJ. -Yo, this is my turf, can't walk around like a lunatic when I'm selling drugs. Man, it's bad for business.

-I'd use a weapon. No way I'd go full contact with a guy like that, says Martial Art champion Baruti. You never know what kind tricks he's got up his sleeve.

-As the President of the United States I say it's stupid to take on Jesus in the first place. You don't want to mess with the son of God. But if you have to, you better do it good cause you don't want that guy coming back. So yes, I'd nuke him.

-I use nails to hang up his picture, but not to kill him, says executioner Mengyano At Beijing Prison. -I'd prefer electricity if we could afford it.

Photo tonystl