Santa In Negotiations To Make an Action Movie

The bidding war among the studio, in what is seen as the opportunity of the century, is nothing compared to the rather complicated demands of Santa and his team. And then there is scheduling...

Santa, who according to trade gossip is rather keen on shaking off his old fashioned image as a do godder for all kinds of shit, as he puts it. He wants back the respect he once had and sees making an action movie i Hollywood as an oportunity to get just that.

-In this film the kids die, nobody gets shit. I play a villian who is a mix of Rambo and the Joker. I want kids to fear me, I want them to believe I can make hell on earth if they behave badly, says Santa and points out:

-I'ts not enough to reward good behavior with presents these days. I have to punish bad behavoir too. I might have to kill their parent.

-From now on the kids has to prove their good, if not, I'll slaughter their parents, their pets, neigbours, friends... anything that moves.

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