In the Midst of the Forrest Fire, John Completely Lost It

-Nobody can tell, atleast thats what I thought, if I'd only waited another minute... It was kinda seen as waisting resources, the fire was a little bit too far away. More like 200 meters to be exact. Lots of people got their clothes ruined, says John who doesn't really regret the incident.

-It was too cool, it was my 15 minute of fame, with the trial and all I think we're talking being on the nation's lips for weeks. I got more out of this than I could ever imagine.

John, who is waiting to serve 10 years in a maximum stupidity prison, says that with the book deals and tv-series contract he'll walk out of prison a rich man. -I would never made that much money if I'd stayed in the job. Now I can sit on my ass and watch myself portrayed on tv.

 -I hope they get to do 10 season, if they do, we can meet in the final episode out in reality. How about that?!

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