Nuclear War Looks Great In Space!

-If we decide to go out with a bang, at least it will be a head turner around the Universe, kinda like a blond in space, it will raise some eyebrows, says retired Nasa astronaut Billy "the Kid".

-With the current atom bomb/dictator situation it can happen any day now. This is our exit point. This is where humans blow up the planet.

-We had a good run. We where this close to escape before the big local bang. Dam-it, a few more hundred years and we could have all left earth before our dictators blew it up.

-Why is technology both the solution and the problem? Because when the solution is the problem, the problem is not the solution. We are doomed to do this, it's our destiny.

-Think about it, why else equip monkeys with smartbrains?

 -If you put a monkey infront of a keyboard, soner or later he will write a sentence. Same goes for us. Put us on the planet, soner or later we will blow it up.

Photo skeeze