Illegal Choice Awards

The Twilight Prize. Young Hoe won best female dropout, best breakup and came second in best ho at the annual Illegal Choice Awards. Not bad for a little bitch from Nebraska. -I wish to thank my parents for not being there. Without you I could never have won this. I would like to dedicate this award to all the guys I`ve given chlamydia over the years and to my boyfriend at the time, slash drug dealer, now only drug dealer, who talked me into not going to College and watch daytime tv instead.

-I`m so glad I dumped you Office Guy. You and your steady income. You and your family planning. You and your stupid house. I`m the one who stole your car! Suck on that biatch. God, I`m glad I took abortion. Amen. Screw you normal people. Go F*#@ yourself!

Best runner up was illegal immigrant Jose Hose. If he hadn`t been sent back he would have won, says the judges and asks not to take any pictures or mention their names. -We do this on a voluntary basis. We like to look at it as giving back to society, ha ha ha. HA! HA!

Photo vancouverfilmschool