Ex-Con Just Knows He Got A Great Voice

-People might think I got a huge ego, but I'm just openly great. Some people are openly gay, I'm openly great, says Manuele who does dirty jobs for a biker gang when he's not on a stage.

-I've always had a great voice, but it really matured when I began smoking and drinking heavily. After a few years of that I hit the sealing and didn't know to improv when luck struck my way and I was thrown in jail.

-The experience of solitude added a thick layer of anger to my voice that really resonated with people. My first performance as an ex-con sold out. I got radio time, tv shows, bd boy this and bod boy that, all I had do do was fake some anger and the money flushed in.

-I don' feel bad about faking anger, people love to forgive a sinner and I'm making quite a good living doing it, but looking back, I should rather have faked being a bad boy, cause nobody fact checks it. I can have claimed whatever...

Photo The Eyes Of New York