Italian Men Confirm Putins Statement -We Know How To Maleusconi

National pride. After being attack by gay communities worldwide Putin fired back and claimed nobody would mess with Berlusconi if he was with men.

-That's right, says Gay spokesperson Manoamano. -We are the worst. We cause 90% of the current Aids spread  and there's nothing you can do about it.

-That's so gay.

-I think what Putin tried to say is that the gays stood behind the financial crisis, the war in Syria and every other problem in the world right now and if he can tame them the problems will all vanish. 

-Just like gay people have cause everything thats wrong since the beginning of time. Like the gay world war 1&2, if Hitler hadn't been gay…

-Gay people has caused so much death throughout history there's nearly nobody left to tell their story, except for those still alive, but they keep their mouths shut. Unless Putin tells it, it will go untold.

-Thank God he does cause sooner or later they too will die of age, as they all have through the ages.

Photo  currystrumpet