British Bullshit Corporation

The British Bullshit Corporation (BBC) is the largest private selfcasting organisation in the world.

The BBC is a public ego broadcaster that operates under a personal charter. Within the UK, it is funded  by a fee charged to all homeless people. The fee is set by Mr. BBC and forcefully collected by Parlament. The BBC's main responsibility is to provide private radio, television and internet broadcasting within the United Kingdom.

Outside the UK, the BBC World Ego follows the steps of the old British Empire in the upgraded version Mepire 7.

Canada Poo

The Canada geese are tierd of people complaining about their pooping. -Yes, we poop alot, but so do you and we are not happy about the human poo you dump in the ocean either. We swim in it for fucks sake, says spokesgeese Bird Gooseman.

Tierd of Islamist Treaths

An Islamist group warns South Park's creators they could face punishment for representing a drawing of the Prophet Muhammad in a bear suit.

-It`s a cartoon stupid!

Volcano Stopper

The Eurofly Commision suggests building a vulcano stopper to get the airtraffic going. -Let`s plug it and send the lava down to China.

Can Iran Build a Vulcano?

After watching how the erupting vulcano on Iceland knocks out Europe`s infrastructure Iran consider dropping the nuclear program and build a volcano instead.

Al Qaida: This is Our Work

Al Qaida clamis responsibility for the erupting vulcano on Iceland. -It is us who is knocking out Europas airplane traffic, not a fucking vulcano.

Blames The World

The Russian Federation of Accidents blames the world for all the accidents taking place in their country recently. They even threaten to sue the world if they don`t take responsibility for this.

Dr. Strangehate or: How I Learned to Stop Gearing Up and Love Disarming the Bomb

Obama and Medvedev agreed on disarming their nuclear arsenal untill they can only blow up humanity 400 times. -We have no need to bomb earth after that. There`s probably not that many left to kill anyway. We have no interest in murdering squirrels or sea bass on a mass scale. Just as long as we have enough to delete Iran within a few minutes we`re fine.

Moblie Computer

The new iPad frees you from the chair. Now you can isolate yourself from the world anywhere in the world when you surf the world wide web. You can watch youtube running. You can bring the mc to the WC and watch adult movies with your left hand. You can watch your own in-flight movie on the back of a motorcycle. Buy books you`ll newer read. Simply, be the jerk you are private public.

Catholic Priest Boy Love Association

The Catholic Church confirmed all rumors about child abuse in the 3 hour long speech to the choir on Easter Sunday. The Pope gave pedophilia his silent approval by not mentioning it. In CPBLA that`s code for we got you covered.

6 Thousand Killed in Drug Traffic

6 thousand smugglers has died in the drug traffic from Mexico to USA in the last two years. It makes it the most dangerous road in the world. To lower the numbers killed US Road Authorities consider to ban driving.

375 Million Easter Chickens Murdered

375 million eggs are killed in Easter. The Police investigates the case as suspicious. The police does not rule out that a mass murderer is on the loose and that the motive is jealousy.

Islamic Women`s Liberation

Female suicide bombers brake boundaries for women`s liberation with a bang.