al Qaeda try to bail out of drone bombing by creating terrorist PACs

Bankers of mass destruction.  -The remaining spokesman for the tribal forces announced in a press video that al Qaeda is trying to distance itself from al Qaeda.

-We see what happen to the people around us and we see what happens to Alan Greenspan. We are clearly into the wrong kind of terror.

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Maximus Payne is back and he`s not so eager on revenge

Nerdstar. The long awaited third installment of the Maximus Payne game is here and this time he`s also decided to let everything go.

-I`ll rather stay inside my little apartment than deal with my demons. If I have any, says Maximus. I actually think I don`t have any...

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Justin Bieber renames his fragrance Borderline

Somehow I`m Old Enough.  -The sales dropped the day he turned 18. Market research showed the majority of customers was not teenage girls.., says head of commercial abuse at Biebers.

-Basically, the rebranding is an anti Old Spice message. Old enough, thats all we`re saying. The rest we`ll leave to the lawyers...

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Chinese student thinks USA waste money on President campaigns

Cash is king. -They should spend the money on the people. What`s the point blowing it away before the election? Isn`t it better to wait until after the election so you can get some common use out of it. It is enough media to cover the competing mouthpieces, says Chinese student Yong Yong in a fixed interview with Hate America on Screw The West TV.

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Kill time online instead

Suicide area
Attempted murder. If your job is so pointless you got to kill yourself to get your mind of it, Adult Net Consumers suggests you try out internet instead. Doing it by smoke takes ages, there is a reason Hitler used gas, so instead admit failure, get online and enjoy the life you don`t have.

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Canada secretly arms up in case US elect another knucklehead

Serious nuclear testing, Nowhereia
Mormocracy. You never know. A mormon president? Please. After what happened in the Middle East, do Americans want a supreme religious leader at home?

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