Fashion Awards

Being the right color is still the most important talent when blacks get awards who used to be for whites.

War Welcome

Anti-aircraft, tanks, armed forces, jet bombers, nearly the entire police force and the secret service are all giving Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama a nice warm war welcome when he come to pick up his award. Word has it it would be cheaper to just fax it over than spend hundred millions of dollars to make sure nothing happens when he recieves the 1.3 million dollar cash prize.

Go Tiger

How Tiger Does It
The world is in frenzy after Tiger Woods sexual sidesteps from his swedish wife. What do expect? He`s a tiger! Read the whole story in How Tiger does it, mistress edition.


Web Positioning Systems is an Internet Navigation System for target surfing. Just dial the web address and it shows you where the server and user are located. The product is not yet for sale, but has been around in government circles for some time. Sources within the hacking community say they might actually turn off their pc`s for a change and see what life`s like outside the screen.

Electric University

Electric university is the first virtual university in the world. The air university is the hottest in online education and offers bachelor programs in surfing, time waste, gaming, concentration problems and internet porn.


Facebook`s crime edition Mugbook is the largest criminal network in the world. More than 35 million thugs around the world use Mugbook to share their criminal activities. Mugbook give thiefs the tools to steal and make the world more closed and disconnected. They mostly use it to seek out victims or play games like mob wars.