Fuckbook is social netshagging website where you can communicate your fuckbudies. The sexual intercourse society has about 100 million partners worldwide, making it the biggest gangbang ever. Fuckbook has also been banned at many work places to discourage employees from making out during work hours.

Racism Live On

Racism live on, despite Obamas move into the White House. Leader of the Ku Klux Klan United in Oklahoma says "We like to think of Obama as an exception, he is clearly a white man born with a dark mans skin, so we feel for him, we even voted for him, but does that change anything? No. I`d newer let any of those niggers into my house, they can cut the lawn, if they get any closer than that, if I see a chocolate monkey getting close to my daughter I`ll get my shootgun".

Explosive Refugees

An airplane full of Somalian refugees crashed in Club Europe. The plane exploded before hitting the ground leaving speculations wether the milliary where involved. The plane exploded again as it smashed into a cornfiled, two minutes later it exploded another time taking out the entire cornfield. Withnesses say there where popcorn everywhere. A spokesperson from the European immigration luckily says "Thank God they got killed in the explotion, then we don`t have to do it".

How Did The Egyptians Build The Pyramids?

Their layed one stone on top of another stone. How can such a simple building process turn into such a huge mystery? If they saw any of our monuments and tried to figure out how we build them using their construction knowledge, now that would be a riddle.

The Land Of The Manipulated

The american national anthem is ready for an upgrade. Considering what they have done lately, The Star-Spangled Banner should be renamed The Lie-Spangled Banner.

War on War

The race to push the button is a competition between armies and terrorist networks to see who got the balls to blow up the world first. USA has been in the forefront since 1945. They nearly won in 1962 when the rival Soviet Union tried to take over their lead under the Cuban missile crisis. Other runner ups are Nazi Germany and their attempt at building the Third Reich and the British Empire back in the days when it truly was an empire.

Is There Intelligent Life On Earth?

No evidence of such is found so far but statistically there should be some.

Your Worst Interest At Heart

Speaking of tamiflu. A vaccine is a biological overreaction that deproves immunity to a non threatening disease, gives a fake feeling of safety and deliver huge piles of cash to the boardroom.

Fake Love

The new online dating sevice fake love help singles find their perfect fraud. With the help of fake profiles fake love you find the worst possible match. If your looking for a thief, money sucker or simply an immigration law suite, join the community of reality personalities. The majority of the members are not educated and live in bad areas.

Word War

United Friends attacks common sense with new words of wrong definition to make the horror of war disappear. The word bites are:

love war
pal killing
unatural explotions
guest slaughtering
present wound
sleepover attacks
hollyday bombings
picknick battle
& party fire

Planet of Crisis

There are so many crisises in the world we need more planets to house them all.

Electronic StupidFighters

Cyber warfare is the new hot for warmonger around the world. They view the internet as an electronic battlefield where the fight between good and ego takes place. Delusioned by a life spent in front of a computer, they try to take over the world. Nobody knows how much they will conquer, but hopefully enough to move out of their childhood bedroom.

Web War 2

The internet is the new playground for the masters of destruction in their search for chaos. And taking down Google must be considered the ultimate Hitler job. Facebook or Twitter might make you a Mao or a Stalin, but nothing beats beating the biggest beast Hitler style.

World Wide Wagina

WWW, also known as the world wide web, is the largest pussy in the world.

Dream Tanks

Think tanks should change name to dream tanks as most of the tank thoughs are made in such an artificial environment they rarely make sence to those outside the tank.


Half a million people circle around earth in airplanes at any given time. Since there are already enough humans on the planet there is really no need for these people to come down again.


Chinese men find the American edition of Playboy weird. To them it looks like a mountain magazine with flat eyes. However the Chinese edition is expected to be a major hit among China`s enormous population of single men. Hugh Hefner thanks the one child policy for making his possibly. And like a lot of older men his age, he`s swopping the white company on his mansion for younger yellow.

Bunnies Jump off the Playboy Farm

The Playboy Bunnies are leaving Hugh Hefner. He is loosing money and without the money he is just an 83 years old man.

Circle of Lie

The media doesn`t trust the politicians, the people doesn`t trust the media and the politicians doesn`t trust the people.

Bulletproof Dress

Giorgio Armani designes a bulletproof dress collection. Bloodstains has become such a huge problem in the underworld that the designer saw it necessary to make the suites of out kevlar in order to stop this childish messing of clothes.

Gay Light

The new men's cologne gay light is a new fragrance for heterosexual gay men who look, like and fuck like women.

Worst Western

Worst Western Hotels opens in Afghanistan. The rooms are rented at own risk with 100% discount if you die.


Apple lauches a new 3G S phone for skitzofrenicks called iiPhone.

Hall of Shame

Hall of shame dishonors individuals of noteworthy achievements in folish behavior. The exhibition is distasteful, disgraceful and embarrassing.

Black Apartheid

The self segregating black minortity party ANC has controlled the vastly larger black majority and the smaler white elite for some time now. Black racism has enabled ANC to enjoy an even higher standard of living than the white apartheid rulers. They praise all the help it has got from a world blinded by it`s white history. Never before in history has a fascist tyranny been replaced smoother by another fascist tyranny.

Got Herpes From Chat Room

Exactly how this happened has not been confirmed. However, rumors has it the guy got infected when he videokissed the girl on a public computer.


VISA is introducing a new debt card for poor people. This card gives them access to all the goods, services and pleasures which people around them take for granted, in return for eternal debt. The card will also available for the mentally handicapped.

Swine Virus on PC

Your pc can now be infected by the swine virus. The World Computer Organization warns a world wide pcmic. The anti virus program Fearmaker has been developed as an antidote to the desease. It`s the number one hit on the global top 100 list. Selling more copies than Michael Jackson, Madonna, U2, The Beatles and Elivis together.

Europa`s Las Vegas

Amsterdam is the number one holiday destination for European police officers, lawyers, prison guards and judges. When asked what the big attraction is they all answer the law.

Drug Olympics

We already got Paraolympics. It should be one for the drug users aswell.

North Koran

North Korea strongly denies the allegations of copied ideas from the Koran and founding their own country on these stolen values. The Islamic world is suing North Korea for copyright fraud . "It`s our thoughts, we wrote that shit, we want our money". To prove their case they claim, "well, you just have to look at how fucked up it is. No other thought system can do that these days...".

Organic Islam

Islam Europe is launching a environmental friendly version of Muhammad`s revelations hoping it to smooth over conflicts created by the previous version. "We haven`t sold out completely, the story is still set in the stone age. Muhammad is not running around with cell phones or any of that shit".