Customers Agree: Killer Pizza From Mars Is Out Of This World

Slow food. -There`s no way these douchebags could make anything remotely this good. It`s definitely from outer space, says a regular customer.

-I think it`s their honesty that appeal to me, cause its definitely not the hygiene.

-It sounds like the meat is in-house. They either slaughter their own staff or I don`t know, maybe illegal aliens, but their definitely killing something.

-It`s hard to tell the accent in those primal screams you hear from the kitchen. Is it pig or Chinese? Or maybe their playing poker. What do I know?

-But I don`t except a restaurant ran by aliens to know local work ethics from day one. They probably need a few hundred years adjusting to our planet.

Photo Chris Radcliff

Murderer Asked Burglar To Come Back Later

Teen spirit. Having served 15 years in juvenile for manslaughter William Nightmare was keen to have a few days as an ordinary civilian before getting what would most likely be death sentence at this point in his career.

-Convincing the judge that 1400 bullets from an assault weapon was necessary to stop a thief from stealing my bike is a hard sell with my strack record, says William who goes by the name Bullet among his enemies. -I don`t have any friends so... there`s no among friends with me. It`s among enemies with guys like me. We`re a dying breed.

But it would be an easy sell for a total stranger. -Life is unfair, but not compare to death. I`d say their about even. Some come and some go.

-It`s been three days now so I hope he`s coming back soon. I made a promise to myself. This time I `ll take one for the gang. Eliminate one son of a @#% nobody wil miss. One for you, one for me. It`s the least I can do. In fact, it`s the only thing I can do. Bye bye.

Photo Richard 'Tenspeed' Heaven

That Brown Paper Background Really Works For C-SPAN

C-SPAM. Why have a nice background when transmitting the White House Correspondents' Dinner? Cause the President is there? Or Conan O`Brian? Come on!

It`s fine as long as it covers the booze. There`s a bar behind the brown paper bag curtain and the President can`t drink on public tv, but he can when they turn it off.

Every Skyscraper Will Collapse Eventually

Boom ticky boom boom. The trick is to move out before it falls. In most cases you get a warning from the demolition company, but sometimes, the building fall on it`s own.

-When the average income of residents in below $2 I would move out. Anything below that is risky, says Rupa from Bangladesh.

-Zero income buildings can last for decades, but thats because the owner makes money on loosing money. It`s an old tax deduction trick when you own lots of high-rises.

But it`s a death trap and you can see that. Thats why nobody enters them. They look like horror houses. But the $2 income buildings are hard to tell.

-I never walk into a high rise in poor areas without parachute. And I don`t date $2 guys. I could speak to them from a distance, if they lived in houses, but they never do.

-From a security aspect I could skype $0 land guys, but then there is street infections, urgh... so no. I`d go out with a guy in a car. Even if it`s street level, the speed separates us from the trash. And helicopter... ahh...

Photo hanspoldoja

The French Still Think French Is The Biggest Language In The World

Marde. "What? they don`t speak it in Brasil?" is a common response when the French travel abroad.

Few nations still insist the world should throw away English as the international language and use their native tongue instead, but only the French still insists that theirs is numer one.

It takes a certain arrogance to have a world view like that. A French arrogance. The Germans could never pull that off. In fact, they`ve adapted English. Who would have thought that? Certainly not Hitler.

But what is worrying is not their lack of self-understanding, it`s the combination of too much self-esteem and nuclear technology. One day these snobs might bomb anything non French.

-The idea of nukes in France is alarming. We much prefer them to focus on bikes and champagne. The French must be forced into using nuke tech only for civilian purposes. They can use their nuclear power to produce cheese, wine and all sort of culinary goods as long as they eat it themselves, says Swedish nuclear weapon inspectors.

United Nations Security Council much agree that France pose a tremendous threat to our civilisation and something must be done before they get to drunk to deal with.

Photo rukmaldk

Metropolitan Museum Of Art To Hold Google Logo Exhibition

Art engine. The curators fear that the target audience will watch them on smartphones instead.

Worst case scenario is if they use them to get the directions and in pure curiosity continue to watch the exhibition on their way.

And by the time they get here they've already seen it.

-But that doesn`t worry us. Neither does copyright laws. We haven`t even asked Google for permission. They never ask. This time, they can sue us.

-Did I tell you we`re gonna piss all over the logos? It`s a piss slash logo exhibition. Later we`re gonna burn it all in a Hell Mary contest. After that we`ll open a pig farm and sell hot dogs. People love pigs  when you say it`s dogs.

Photo Wikipedia

Google Can`t Answer How To Disarm Kim

End of the trail. In a moment of truth, google had to admit they don`t have a clue how to address the problem and Obama is disappointed over the search engine ability to find solutions.

-It`s overrated. You would expect them to have an answer by now. How long does it take?

-It turns out. They don`t know everything. To prove my point. Lets ask... "What is the White House nuclear launch codes?". -Hah hah hah hah hah hah hah. See?!

-Okay..."What shoes am I wearing?" -Hah hah hah hah hah hah hah!

-"Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" -HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!

-"Who killed bin Laden?" -HAAAH HAAAH HAAAAAAH!

-Try the I`m Feeling Lucky button. -HA HA HA HAAAAAH HAAAAAAAAH HAAAAAAAH!!!

Photo U.S. Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia

Laser Gun App Banned From App Store

The Prince & Princess of Asturias
accidentally mistaken for agents when
NSA stormed the App Reactor.
Fire in the hall. Before it was even launched, the laser beam application iKill got sabotaged by NSA who made sure it never came through the gates at the App Plant.

-For a dollar fifty it turns your iPhone into a killing device. The thing can cut through metal and shoot long distance laser beams.

-A 10 year old kid in Alabama can fire electroshocks to Pyongyang and hit target with millimeter precision.

-With this device anyone can trim Kim Jong Un`s eyebrows or perform laser surgery on astronauts in space. It`s worse than the bomb!

Photo European Southern Observatory

Thousands of TV Stations Goes Under When Viewers Discover Online Tv

Black box. And millions will loose their jobs when the masses learn that these device always offers something watchable cause you are the program director, you are the CEO of your own Network.

Adam, 18, living in Los Angeles, proud owner a massive flat screen says -I don`t care. I know I`m suppose to cause my uncle work in the industry, but I don`t.

Chizu, 16 who lives in Tokyo and prefer iPhone, but takes it for granted, says -私は日本に住んでいます。ここでテレビがジャッカスのようなものです。私はこれらの人々が失業オフィスで並ん見て楽しみにしています。私はで歩くし、それらの卵をスローします。

Oh, wrong language.

-I live in Japan. Tv here is like Jackass. I look forward to see the broadcasters lining up at the unemployment office. I will walk by and throw eggs on them.

Industry expert Kopano in Johannesburg tells WMA that most of the people who get sacked from network station will be re-hired by the new internet driven tv. -The web content will eventually end up as bad as television today. Do you think online stations will gain from hiring former terrestrial network employees?

-In South Africa people turn off their tv with guns now cause they know it`s no point turning it on again.

Photo methodshop

Boston Police Found The Detergent Who Brainwashed The Bomb Brothers

O Brother, Where Art Thou? -It`s a mix of a lot of bad ingredients. All poisonous to various degrees. Thank god their heads didn`t explode. They could have poped anytime, says forensic investigator.

Photo Iwan Gabovitch

Boston Bomber Thought He Could Convert America

Blast from the past. The Boston moron bomber thought two bombs was all that was needed for scaring Americans into Islam. Not three or one, but two. One for each moron.

"Just two more, thats all there is needed. Americans is on their tipping point. We have to act now!" the older douchebag is said to use as his core argument in trying to build his army.

After years of not recruiting a single brain to his gang he downsized his goal to a militia. "If I can only get like, 40 people with me, we can have an impact" he once said at a party.

Three years later and still lonely he turned to his little brother, "Just two bombs, it`s all it takes to turn USA into USI - United States of Islam".

The younger brother, not smart enough to understand that his older sibling only needed him cause he was too afraid to do it alone, but dumb enough to believe he could change the world, joined his gang of  two and the rest is misery.

Photo zennie62

Justin Bieber Wishes His Fans Where Older

MILFERS. -If it wheren`t for all the money these kids got I wound never do it. It`s like hanging around with the kids from high school when you enter Uni - you just don`t, says Bieber.

-I would prefer my fan base to be women between 18-40. Thats my focus demographic right now and I think it will be for quite some time. Probably the rest of my career, even when I turn 40. Then probably more than ever.

-It`s better to have fans half your age when your 40, 60 or even 80, hah hah.

Photo MissCasanova

Media Spread Bad Ideas Like No One Else

Mind the gap. The wind was once the delivery boy for bad news. Depending on the weather, it could take ages before you heard about a disaster happening on the other side of earth, if not never - some things are ment to blow away.

Photo mikebaird

The Combined Age Of NKoreas Military Equipment Is 300 Million Years

Flea market. -Unless you want to fight with sabres, their not so dangerous, says know all Hanu Manu in Singapore.

-I watch the stuff from NKorea, then I watch the stuff from Syria and think for myself hmm... They still use black and white in NKorea.

Photo whatsthatpicture

Game Of Drones

Game over. An unexpected drone attack from the Obama administration finished off the third season only 6 episodes in. Sadly no one survived the blasts and it`s over.

The scriptwriters where horrified to know the popular series ended so abruptive . Hey its war - the drones won.

Photo Wikipedia

The Tagliani Family Endorse Toyota Too

North Korea Withdraws From The North-South Staring Contest

Dehumanized Zone. -I was told to look away, we no longer care what the south think of us, says the NK soldier who spent 5 years in the army staring at walls in preparation for this job.

-I feel like I`ve waisted my life now. I could have watched something else.

Even though the north threw in the blanket, the south still chose to keep an eye on the enemy.

-Basically, the whole South Korean army is on guard for one man. It`s not like we`re up against the Nazis, it`s one man. One fat man. Could somebody please slaughter that squealing pig so I can go home?

Foto APM Alex

Jeff Convinced Boston Bomber Definitely Pissing His Pants By Now

Wedgie. -I would assume he`s shitting his pants too, says Jeff to his shrink friend in a break under his wedding rehearsal.

-He must have run out of underwear. I can feel his diarrhea. He is so afraid of whats ahead of him. Total prison, death.

-The plumbers know here he is. The Police should talk to the plumbers and find out which toilets are clogged.

Photo deltaMike

In Syria We Run From, Not Towards Bombs

When in Rome. -It`s a different mindset. We don`t run unless we have to, so the whole business of marathon is pretty foreign to us.

-I don`t think I would do that voluntary if I lived in a free country. Why bother? says Ami. -There must be a buss somewhere.

Photo FreedomHouse

The Boston Bomb Did Not Get Much Coverage In Syria

Marathon man. -Getting killed while out running doesn`t make headlines here. Besides, there is a lack of communication systems to reach people.

-We had about 200 bombs going of in our own country at that moment at it took up all our resources, says news junkie Ami in Syrian National News.

-When we have time for foreign affairs we focus on happier things to give Syrians a sense of false hope. If we went they bomb there too, fighting moral would diminish. It would simply kill the spirit.

Photo Rami Alhames

Boston Police Will Not Be Very Nice To The Marathon Bomber

Shit. Judging from the cop movies coming out of Boston, the bomber got a good long hard beating ahead of him before anything happens.

-The Departed really sat the tone. You know, the Irish are still fighting back in Ireland. It`s been going on since the sixteen hundreds. They even named the trouble The Troubles. Like there was no name for it other than the conflict itself.

-Boy did he choose the wrong city, says Irish Immigrant.

Photo satooooooru

Kim Jong Un Got ADHD

Sugarbomb. After the last series of events it is clear to psychologists that little fat Kim is an Attention Deficit Hyperactive Dictator.

This is how life in North Korea will be with the ADHD leader. One moment he wants to blow up the world, the next he wants ice cream. Thank God he`s a fatty and goes for ice cream.

Photo Wikimedia commons

Boston Bomber Wanted More Than Kim Jong Un Right Now

Manhunt. -He has to wait, says US law enforcement agencies. -For whatever reason he wants attention, he`s not getting it. He has to wait in line unless he`s responsible. Then he`ll get more than he can handle.

Photo OAndrews

Jeopardy Announce Change Of Host In 2020

Smooth sailing. The quiz show announced it as an answer to a question in the program. Having no idea what they where talking about, since it hasn`t happened yet, the host had to "jump in" and save the contenders from being ridiculed.

-Nobody knows who this 2020 host is now. He`s in high school. Couldn`t we have waited? Is it too much to ask?

Photo Wikipedia

Greeks Think The Financial Crisis Could Have Been Avoided With Nukes

Gringo. -It`s all a question about who has to clean up and in this case we have to do it ourselves. If we had been smart about it we would have got nuclear weapons years ago, says Giorgis.

Aðalmundur from Iceland says that he never saw nuclear weapon as a solution to the financial melt down.

-The thought never crossed my mind really. We have enough with the volcanoes so adding another potential disaster maker is not really on any ones mind here. But I strongly encourage countries like Greece, Spain and North Korea to get volcanoes.

Photo Tobyotter

Moscow By Air Looks Like A Spiderweb

Spiderman. With the all powerful Putin at the centre holding it all together you wonder what it would look like if he let go of the strings?

It would look more like the world wide web and less a one man web.

Photo Eric Fischer

Kim Is The Most Dead Person In The World If He Travels Outside NKorea

Kim`s dictator prison.
Prison camp. Making the most wanted list on every government list in the world except Iran and Syria has it`s restrictions when it comes to traveling.

-Thats pretty much out of the picture for Kim, for eternity. He has to stay in NKorea, says travel agents. -Nobody wants to book him. The plane wil be shot down. Hallo?! The guy has to travel by car or walk, no train or buss will allow him onboard. Imagine what happens if he`s seen walking along the beach in Rio, he`s dead within seconds.

Photo Wikipedia

International Leaders Are Wary About Being Photographed With Kim

Lonely days at the red carpet for Kim. -It`s good that he`s
fat so he can fill the frame alone, says photographers.
No Instagram for you my friend. Prime ministers, presidents and even dictators are worried about the damage Kim will do to their reputation if their seen together in public.

It`s like going to visit the guy you know raped your girlfriend. Inevitable some of them has to do it.

-In times like this I`m glad I`m the leader of a poor country in Africa, says Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe.

-Not even a psychopath like me wants to deal with a crazy f@#k like Kim. The guy got nukes for Christ's sake. No, leave it to the Chimericans... Let them handle it. I got enough satisfying my own ego.

Photo KCNA

Little Kim Wants The Olympics, If Not He Will Bomb Something

Fat bastard. The Olympic commette says no to the ridiculous claim by the 20 something in the North of Korea. -He`s like a an aggressive polar bear without fur.

-Why does he want the Olympics? He can`t be very interested in sport. Does he want the event to tell the world North Korea has arrived? He can have the sausage eating championships.

Photo Wikipedia

Unknown Billionaire Pays $5 Billion To Whoever Kills Kim Jong Un

Payback. $4 billions will be rewarded for putting a stuffed chicken in his mouth. $3 billions to whoever takes a photo of the leader butt naked and $2 billion to those who dare tell him to go f@#k himself. Word.

Photo Wootang01

NRA Changes Name To NAWWHCMA

Armed and ignorant. The new name,  National Assault Weapon With High Capacity Magazine Association, not so easy to remember, but not for those closer to home.

-This is what we are about. I have no problems
remembering it. Even shooters here who didn`t finish grammar school manage to remember it, says Kevin K.

-If you like war movies, wouldn`t you prefer a film tittle that reflected that, rather than birdwatching?

Emblem Wikipedia

Rambo Is The New Spokesperson For NRA

High-capacity killer. Stallone, who refuses to comment on behalf of Rambo, says he wishes the filmstudio would burn in hell so his name wouldn`t be smuttered.

-I don`t own the Rambo franchise, so I have to put up with it. This is how they finance Rambo 5. NRA puts up the money. There is nothing I can do about it.

In the new pro assault weapon ads Rambo not only speaks about the need to use at least 6000 bullets to stop a thief, but the need to have a copter aswell. -If you really want to get rid of burglars you got to hunt down their friends and relatives too.

Photo Rambo

Little Donna Tries To Get Hold Off A Few Nukes So She Can Skip School

Kids these days. NASA didn`t really know what to do when they received an email from little Donna in Arkansas asking for a few nukes.

She wrote that she had seen the news and wanted to use the same bombs as Kim Jong Un to stay out of school. She figured out if she had a few, nobody would f@#k with her.

Instead of ignoring the kid or say "Hey Kido, this is NASA, we don`t deal with that kind of shit here, but we forwarder your request to Pentagon", they brought the email to NSA, Americas National Security Agency.

Who forwarded the email to CIA who brought it to FBI who sent it to El Dorado Police Station in Arkansas who deleted it by accident and had to call for backup to read the damn thing.  

The computer engineer who brought it back happened to be little Donna`s older stepbrother from one of his dad`s other marriages. He had a bit of a strained relationship with the girl, but he was sympathetic to her f@#k you attitude in the mail so he made it disappear and ordered her 3 nukes from North Korean Amazon instead.

Photo InfoShri

PSY Releases A New Song And The World Has All Forgotten About Kim

Ambassador of love. -Kim is the yin to my yang. He is my little Korean devil. We represent the best and the worst of both worlds. I know he hates me more than anything and I love it.

Photo Eva Rinaldi

Kim Will Not Bomb Hawaii If He Gets Kmart

K-pop. -I like everything that starts with K. KFC, KBMW, Koca Kola...

-Kmart is so North Korean, there`s a fat f@#k on top with his entourage and then millions of slaves to hold it up.

-Kmart, you stole my act, I want you back. I am the brain behind low paid jobs, I am the inventor of horrible working conditions and I am the originator of private airplanes.

Photo khalid Albaih

Corporate Spies Find Better Stuff In Museums Than North Korea

C-Spam. Industrial espionage isn`t a huge problem in North Korea, in fact it`s non existent. Not even political spies bother about the sandwitched nation.

-They reveal it on tv anyway. Kim`s angry, Kim`s happy, angry, happy... He`s like a fat kid with attention disporder.

Chinese manufacturers laugh at the quality in North Korean factories.

-It`s so shit they label it made in China to get rid off it. That causes us a headache. It`s damaging to our improving quality and it`s killing our counterfeit industry. How bout that?

Photo tie78reu

Filmmaker Dissapointed Nobody Wants To See His Feelbad Movie

Cut. The unknown director thinks it`s weird he`s still unknown considering how many movies he`s made. What he finds even harder to believe is that hardly anybody sees them.

-There must be something wrong with the audience. It worries me. This is the 6th time no one shows up and I think it`s fatal. The audience is seriously stupid.

-After the first movie I was like "Okay, you didn`t hear about it", but after the second... "Come on!" The joke wasn`t funny anymore. The I realised nobody had reviewed it, which I found peculiar since the pre screening where packed with movie critics.

-On the release of my fifth picture I paid people 10 bucks to show up. I had it backed into the production budget as special effects. It was the most expensive film from the studio that year. It cost so much there was nothing left to advertise it. Again, nobody knew.

-This time I shot a hardcore porn sequence, but it got cut to get the PG-13 ratings. It`s not just the audience, it`s the whole system. The studios, the production companies, the cinemas, their all idiots.

(Ps Takuaki Tsunemoto is a great guy, his latest movie A Pale Woman is in theatres now).

Photo ami_harikoshi

Handmade Doesn`t Have The Same Vibe In North Korea

Explodo pop. Made by hand used to be synonymous with made by North Korea, but not after China started making shit.

-If you buy popcorn in Pyongyang, you never know if it goes off or not. It`s better to leave it. I always sit and prentend I eat popcorn in the cinema. At least it takes the attention away from those awful movies, says Replica Kim two hundred thousand.

Photo guns.wen.zu

North Korea Threatens To Threat The World

Kim Kong. On discovering that nuclear weapons aren`t that threatening to countries who already have them, Kim Jong Un now realize he will be the first to die in a counter attach.

-I made a huge miscalculation. I thought South Korea and America would piss in their pants. And I didn`t see China make a public statement against me. That hurt. Next time I have to rethink this before I do anything, says Kim to Pyongyang Bullshit.

-There is about 5.000 missiles in the world that can reach us within 10 hours. So if I want to live another day I got to figure out this war shit. There`s no way I`ll survive that blast. And I need the 25 million slaves to maintain my standard of living. I don`t want to give this up just jet. I`m only 30 for crying out loud.

-I want some pizza, anybody want some pizza? Let`s order pizza. And bring 3 bottles of Korea Cola, this stuff makes me thirsty.

Photo unsauber

The Corleone Family Endorse Toyota

Goddriver. "We like to show our gratitude to our friends in Japan who has helped us get rid of so many people. As a sign this respect we will buy 500 new Toyotas to our competitors". -Corny Corleone.

Photo Xurble

Kim Jong Un Is Reported Pulling Down His Pants To Call The Joke

Assman. He likes a good prank. Nothing makes him laugh more than when the whole world buy his pranks.

I wonder how much it will cost this time? Everything?

 Photo glennwilliamspdx

The New Toyota Faulty

Kamikaze vehicle. It comes with a 5 year crash guarantee, auto malfunction and stretch seat belts for no good reason.

You can also turn off the electric components in full speed and set the horn on auto repeat. The indicator can be set on random for your amusement and the stereo is just the best.

The windscreen is even tilted forward to give room for headbanging while you listen to the music.

Photo Highway Patrol Images

Japanese Carmakers Don`t Recall From North Korea

Airheads. -Quite the contrary. We encourage them to crash. Especially Kim. In a way, the faulty airbags was specially designed for him.

The big 4 admit the 3.4 million cars where made for the North Korean market and that something went wrong under shipment. -They where never meant for the real world.

Photo (stephan)

Terrier Bets His Beard Can Beat Any Sunni Muslim or Orthodox Jew

Facedressing. -I`m just better at it. Fur is my middle name. I can grow a beard in my butt if I want, says Bob, the ignorant Airedale Terrier who`s a favorite at the In Your Face Beard contest.

-I seriously got an attitude about this. Facial hair is my domain. I`m not having some religious punk screw my victory. And I hate Santa Claus... for the record. We don`t celebrate Xmas in my house.

 Lulu Hoeller

Aleandro Can Shag In Four Different Languages

Suit & tie. Since the finance crisis Aleandro had to upgrade his skills to foreign markeds. Making love fluently in Spanish was not longer enough.

-I needed French, German, English and Italian on my resume, I got the certification in all except French. I can`t do it without wine. It`s too... French.

-To be an even more attractive candidate I`m learning Swedish and I will put up with Chinese if someone makes me partner.

-Somebody has to deal with the Chinese market. Consider my poor computing skills, it`s the only way I can move upward.

Photo amulonphotography

Kim Jong Un Really Screwed Up The Element Of Surprise

Goose liver. Unless he went for China or any other crazy target there is very little he can do to shock anyone besides the obvious act of actually doing it.

Hitler was smart enough to negotiate peace with his enemies before he went to war. He didn`t f@#k around with basketball players trying to convince the world he didn`t want world war 2.

The Farrelly Brothers has been approached by the United Nations to secure a part for Kim in their upcoming sequel to Dumb and Dumber as part of a peace deal. -We think he is stupid enough to fall for a Hollywood part. The guy obviously needs attention. On a mass scale.

Photo unsauber

Director Of Iron Man 3 Considered Casting Margaret Thatcher

Iron curtain. Jon Favreau, the director of the acclaimed series, says he considered the British MP, but went with Gwyneth Paltrow. -I needed somebody who could ground both Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr.

-Thatcher seemed like an obvious choice. She manhandled the British establishment for 11 years and went to war against Argentina over the Falklands. The Lady got the kind of balls I was looking for.

-Then I changed my mind and decided to go for love rather than force. Love conquers all you know.

James Cameron is said to have written Terminator with Thatcher in mind, but ended up needed a more human robot so audiences could relate at some level.

Poster Iron Man 3

Female Bodybuilders Look At The Iron Lady More As A Softy

Women of steel. -I never saw Margaret Thatcher in any competition. From the pictures I`ve seen of her she doesn`t look that hard at all. Maybe it`s a metric system thing. The brits do everything different, says IFBB Pro bodybuilder Mega Strong.

-But she would never win Ms Olympia. Never...

Photo petechons

Teen Confirm Unclear Testing

North Carolina. 14 year old Kim confirms to his parents that he has executed several unclear school tests and will go to war with his teachers unless he gets Tuesday off.

-I got better things to do than waste my time in school. Like drive around the dirt looking for nothing. If I don`t get the time off I`ll fail in everything!

Photo csbarnhill

Islamic Men Must Shave

Beard fatwa. -It`s unhygienic to walk around with so much hair in your face, says Health Ministers in Arab countries.

-It`s a big source of infections. It`s bigger than the rural areas of China where animals and humans live hand in hand.

-They have to wash their hands after taking a shit  and stop pissing on their feet. It`s disgusting.

Photo AfghanistanMatters

Man Left Dead After Gang Raped By Bombay Women

Equal opportunity rape. -It`s payback time fatherfuckers, says the women who take responsibility for the manhandling in a video on youtube.

Quote "We where 12 horny chicks out partying and things got wild. We always wanted to rape that guy. He`s so handsome".

"We bitch raped him. Then we made him cook for us. And after that we killed him. We didn`t need him anymore... none of the girls where interested in his sperm. Why keep him? He had a lousy job and wasn`t too smart. Let`s face it. He was trash".

Photo mckaysavage