There`s Something About Mike Mary Ought To Know

-There`s a few things in my life I regret. My fiancé will figure it out
eventually so why not take it later?
So I married an axe murderer. Hollywood have tried to team up Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz since agent Bob came up with... "What about Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz?".

-The boardroom went silent. Like when Einstein first revealed his H2O formula. "That is f@#* brilliant"."I know, I came up with it", says Bob.

-Movies have gotten so much better since guys like me took over. I mean, we run this shit now. And the shit hits the fan when a major turd is in works. Anyone can tell it will make shit loads of money from the stank.

-First thing I do in the morning is taking a dump. Then I look at it and say to myself "Are you shitting me?! This is genius. Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts.

Photo philwirks